High School

What Can CCHEC Do For My Student?



CCHEC offers several hands-on high school level classes for CCSD#1 students. In addition to counting toward high school credit, most classes result in a certificate or college credit.


In many communities, the Board of Education is shifting to a system that allows community colleges to provide the Vocational Programs for High Schools. Through our partnership with CCSD#1, CCHEC offers the following hands-on high school level vocational classes for CCSD#1 students. Click here to download a CCHEC for high school students brochure.




High School Freshman Can Take Many Great Vocational Electives!


Basic Construction Skills

Automotive I

Basic Woods

Welding I

Technology Skills and Concepts

Robotics I

Introduction to Engineering Design

Computer Science &

Software Engineering


Where Do I Take Classes?

Classes are offered at the new CCHEC Career and Technical Education Center (C-TEC). Students are bused to the C-TEC from RHS in between classes. Culinary Arts classes currently take place at RHS.

How Do I Enroll In These Great Vocational Classes?

Talk to your high school counselor NOW to register for any of these great vocational courses. Enroll as an elective course or get a head start on a career!


Vocational Electives for Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

Nursing Assistant - Basic Construction Skills

Carpentry - Automotive I, II, III

Automotive Drivetrain - Basic Woods - Woodworking II & III

Welding I,II,III,IV

Technology Skills and Concepts

Introduction to Engineering Design

Principles of Engineering - Digital Electronics

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Principles of Biomedical Sciences


Do I Get High School and/or College Credit?

High School Vocational Classes are held during the regular school day and count toward high school credit. Additionally, college (concurrent) credit is available for many CCHEC vocational classes for students ages 16 and over. Talk to your teacher or high school counselor about how to obtain FREE college credit!